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Free Conservation Equipment
Quantities are limited and can be stopped at anytime without notice

This equipment will help reduce the amount of water used to for landscaping. Whether you are watering lawns, gardens, or other landscape types, this kit will help you cut down on water consumption. In the summertime, water demand can be twice that of the yearly average.

These water conservation devices, including the kits, can be ordered by contacting Roosevelt Water. Or e-mail us with your name and address and we will mail or drop you off a kit (quantities are limited).
Office hours:
Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The City of Everett provides free water conservation equipment for Everett residents.
They also provide similar kits for other water districts that Everett Water serves.
Contact Roosevelt Water for similar kits.

The following kits and equipment are available for Roosevelt Water members:
Residential showerhead & faucets kits
Kits contain four pieces of equipment

One low-flow showerhead
One kitchen faucet aerator
Two bathroom faucet aerators
All pieces install very easily.
Most pieces simply screw on, although a wrench is needed for the showerhead.

Outdoor Water Saver Kit
Kits contain three pieces of equipment

Hose nozzle
Automatic water shut-off
Moisture tester

This kit conserves water two easy ways:
Replace washers on sprinklers and hoses to reduce leaks
Use shut off nozzle when watering to reduce flow

Outdoor Water Conservation Kit

Hose nozzle
Automatic water shut-off
Moisture tester

This Kit you reduce water use by
Using water wisely with outdoor hoses
Using water wisely with manual sprinklers
Incorporating rainfall into your water schedule
Discovering more ways to save water

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