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Roosevelt Tank No. 2 and Pump Station No. 3 - Project Description
The Roosevelt Water Association (RWA) serves about 1,130 member customers in Snohomish County. Water is supplied from the City of Everett Pipeline No. 5. The Association has a single water storage tank that can potentially serve only about 125 residences in Lupine Meadows. The remainder of the Association members would be without water should Pipeline No. 5 be shut down for any reason. Washington State Department of Health has encouraged the Association for years to provide more storage.

The RWA Water System Plan, February 2009, as approved by the Department, included planning for Tank No. 2 and Pump Station No. 3. Proposed Tank No. 2 cannot be supplied adequately through the existing Tank No. 1 by the existing Pump Station No. 2, which only has a capacity of about 50 GPM. Pump Station No. 2 was only designed to supply the 125 customers pressurized by Tank No. 1. A larger pump station will be needed to make full use of the Tank No. 2 storage volume.

Total customers for the Roosevelt water service area are projected to increase over the next decade to about 1,600 single family homes. Tank No. 2 and Pump Station No. 3 will serve about 80 percent of the Association service area, including the Lupine Meadow system; which is about 1,280 customers less 125 Lupine customers or about 1,155 customers in the eastern part of the RWA service area.

Project Overview/Site Description for water reservoir:
The Roosevelt Water Association (RWA) is proposing public works storage and distribution improvements to its existing water system. The 495 Zone Reservoir and Water Main project will construct an approximately 1.1 million-gallon (MG) [58-foot diameter, approximately 60 feet tall] welded steel reservoir along with approximately 3,300 lf of 12 inch ductile iron (DI) water main and its connection to the tank and existing water system.
The reservoir will be situated on parcel 28061300200400, owned by the City of Everett (Everett). RWA and Everett are working on a temporary easement and possible future purchase of a portion of this parcel to construct the necessary improvements. At present, the RWA site improvements encompass an area of about 0.6 acres. The entire parcel is approximately 32 acres in size, zoned R-5, and situated northwest of the Meadow Lake Highlands development, near the intersection of Trombley Road and Meadow Lake Road. It is primarily undeveloped and forested, apart for a gravel access road that traverses from east to west bisecting the site.

In addition to the proposed steel reservoir, work at the 495 Zone Reservoir site will include the following:
" Restoration of the existing access road following water main installation and extension of the existing access road to and around the proposed reservoir, providing continued access for Everett to the Pipeline No. 5 easement;
" Construction of a 520/495 Zone pressure reducing vault (PRV);
" Drainage improvements to account for the proposed new development consistent with Snohomish County's (County) current Drainage Manual requirements, including construction of a stormwater/overflow pond;
" Clearing and grading to construct the proposed improvements;
" Landscaping as required per County code;
" Possible construction of a 3-foot-tall retaining wall to minimize the amount of disturbed area and wetland buffer impacts; and " Construction of security fencing, and electrical and telemetry improvements.
The proposed water main will extend from the Everett Pipeline No. 5, northeast along the proposed access road, connecting to the proposed reservoir, then continue down the existing access road to Trombley Road. From the Trombley Road/access road intersection, the water main will continue south generally within and adjacent to the Trombley Road right-of-way (ROW) to connect to RWA's existing system near the intersection of Trombley Road and 185th Drive SE. Everett's 100-foot-wide Pipeline No. 5 easement contains Trombley Road; after negotiations with Everett, the proposed water main alignment will run within the eastern edge of that easement. Following construction, surface restoration of disturbed areas will occur, either as trench patch and road overlay in paved areas or as reseeding/restoration of disturbed vegetated areas, consistent with County standards.

Pump Station No. 3 will have three pumps, rated for 375 GPM and 220 feet of total dynamic head with 40 horsepower motors. These pumps, associated valves, electrical panels and telemetry controls will be in a new building about 21 x 23 feet. An easement for this site has been obtained. Site development will include grading, construction of a retaining wall, yard piping with valve vaults, paved access driveway, security fencing and lighting. Activation of Pump Station No. 3 will require a new 8-inch tap to the City of Everett Pipeline No. 5 with meter and valve vault. A short 8-inch pipe extension will connect Pump Station No. 3 to the Lupine Meadow distribution system.

The project will include a wireless SCADA system linking Tank No. 1, Tank No. 2, Pump Station No. 3 and several motor actuated vales with the Association office for remote monitoring and control. Pump motors will use fixed speed drives. Water levels in the two tanks will be sensed and the lead pump started as needed. The valves will be opened, closed or modulated by a computer to ensure the water in both tanks is turned.